Bear Shadow

Highlands, North Carolina

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Who They Are

Bear Shadow is a multi-day outdoor music festival located in Highlands, North Carolina. With an amazing lineup of musicians, they are also including other activities for festival goers such as yoga in the park and movie nights to keep the entertainment going day and night.



As a festival looking to keep up with covid precautions and assure festival goers, Bear Shadow needed a logo and graphics to help convey the mood and excitement for the festival itself. 

Kaleidoscopic knew this would be a big project to take on, so with multiple ideas ready we got together multiple logos ready to be used.

To bring the logos to life we put them to work on multiple images to help the client see where and how these logos could be used best.

In the end, Kaleidoscopic also created colorful graphics for their poster design that helped to convey the excitement of the festival.

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