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Doom Flamingo

Charleston, South Carolina


Who They Are

Doom Flamingo came together organically through friendships and past collaborations in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. The Sextet features bassist Ryan Stasik, of the prolific rock band Umphrey's McGee, alongside a cast of powerhouse musicians. Dynamic vocalist Kanika Moore sets the project into hyperdrive.


Client Goals

Back in May of 2018, Doom Flamingo has needed their first logo set, Merch, poster design, and website that Kaleidoscopic has been grateful to have a helping hand in.


All of the graphics created would need to match the bands six-person synth wave with an added Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element. Top Gun guitar riffs and Miami Poolside lounge-vibes, all at once contrasted with eerie dark synth soundscapes reminiscent of old John Carpenter films would need to be represented on any and all artworks.

Where We Come In

Kaleidoscopic really let the bands music influence every aspect of our artwork created for them. Multiple posters as well as Merch designs has the Doom Flamingo style

What We Did

In order to create work for this sextet band a number of meetups and revisions were necessary in order to achieve their style within the artworks created.

What We Finalized

In the end, no time or piece of artwork was wasted as Kaleidoscopic was able to mesh and work well with many of the different styles.

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