Doom Flamingo is a six-person synthwave band with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde element to the songwriting. Top Gun guitar riffs and Miami Beach poolside lounge-vibes, are all at once contrasted with eerie darksynth soundscapes reminiscent of old John Carpenter films.

Doom Flamingo came together organically through friendships and past collaborations in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. The sextet features bassist Ryan Stasik, of the prolific rock band Umphrey’s McGee, alongside a cast of powerhouse musicians. Dynamic vocalist, Kanika Moore, sets the project into hyperdrive. Kaleidoscopic Creative has been lucky enough to have been with Doom Flamingo from the start back in May of 2018. From designing their very first logo set, to merch, poster design, website, the list goes on. 

The Doom Flamingo team has been beyond fabulous to work with. This is one of those circumstances where we really let the music of the band influence every aspect of the artwork pushed through Kaleidoscopic. We've loved creating fun artwork for this band every step of the way and cannot wait to see what the future holds for this very talented, up-and-coming band. 

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