Everyone loves a fun craft beer can design! Kaleidoscopic got its first opportunity to design artwork for a limited edition beer brewed by Fatty's Beerworks in Charleston, SC. This specific beer is called: Robobeer Helles Lager. It is light, smooth, and quite refreshing! The guys at Fatty's Beerworks have a love for beer as well as a love for music. That is why they decided to drop some limited edition beers for local up-and-coming Charleston bands. The Robobeer is the beer specifically made for a band by the name of Robotrio. Kaleidoscopic has had the opportunity to design a few posters, graphics, and merchandise for Robotrio and this connection was the kickstarter on this beer can design project. We sure are happy with the way it turned out, and even happier to pursue new design endeavors in the craft beer industry. 

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