Fatty's Beerworks

Charleston, South Carolina

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Who They Are

Fatty's Beerworks is located in Charleston, SC and the guys there have a love for music as strong as their love for beer. This led to their idea of crafting a beer for local up-and-coming Charleston bands.


Client Goals

In honor of their love of music and beer, Fatty's Beerworks dropped a Robobeer Helles Lager inspired by a band by the name of Robotrio.  This beer had a light, smooth and refreshing flavor profile that needed to look just as smooth on the outside of the can. 

Client Services

Product Packaging

  • Beer Label

  • Custom Illustration

  • Print ready Artwork

Where We Come In

In true Kaleidoscopic fashion, we took into account the client's wants and needs and got to work drawing up some designs fitting for the client as well as the band.

What We Did

Having prior experience with working with Robotrio Kaleidoscopic was already quite familiar with the bands style, and we were able to easily mockup some graphics for the Robobeer

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What We Finalized

By the end of the creative process we fully realized the beer's identity as well as captured the essence of this Charleston based band on the can that Fatty's Beerworks were able to sell with pride.