Greenbrier Farms
Easley, South Carolina

greenbrier farms logo-04.png

Who They Are

Greenbrier farms was established in 1988 and is a second-generation family-owned-and-operated farm spanning 330 acres in Easley, SC. They are known for their commitment to sustainable growing practices, offering an event space and whole sale partnerships to promote local eating.


Client Goals

Greenbrier Farms needed top to bottom rebranding that included an updated logo, website, advertising graphics, as well as menus and business cards.

Client Services


  • Logo Rebrand

  • Website Development

  • Promotional Ad-work

  • Menu Design

Where We Come In

Kaleidoscopic stayed true to Greenbrier values when revamping the logo and offered clean and well-thought out graphics for online advertising as well as a custom website.

What We Did

By creating multiple advertising graphics Kaleidoscopic helped Greenbrier attract more clients for revenue and gave the company a strong brand identity.

What We Finalized

The finalized website helped their customers navigate through to find the information they needed whether it be for weddings or food, it was all mapped out