Highlands Food and Wine
Highlands, North Carolina

HFW 2020 Logo-04.png

Who They Are

Highlands Food and Wine returned for another year in Highlands, NC. The 4 day festival consists of food and wine vendors from all over North Carolina, and South Carolina. 


Client Goals

Highlands Food and Wine being a 4 day festival event needed artwork that would stand out and be flexible enough to use creatively within the span of days. Everything from signage, to merch, stage scrims, poster art, and credentials needed to all blend and have a cohesive feel adding to the elevated energy of HFW.

Client Services

Full Festival Design

  • Website Design

  • Poster art

  • Merchandise

    • Blankets​

    • Bandanas

  • Credentials

    • Wristbands

    • Badges

    • Stickies

Where We Come In

Starting with the main festival poster art, Kaleidoscopic went to work pulling it apart to reuse the artwork elements in all the ways needed. This ranged from Credentials, to stage scrims, wristbands, signage, and posters.

What We Did

Soon after Bear Shadow ended, Kaleidoscopic went to work pulling together and organizing all of the signage for the respective chefs and wineries. Stage tapestries,

mercy designs and more!

What We Finalized

Pulling together the color scheme and other brand designs we were able to pull together a landing page where curious travelers could stay up to date on Cedar Mountain.