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Aiken Bluegrass Festival

Savannah, Georgia

Aiken 2017 _ 20160512_ RAYBURN-15_previe

Who They Are

The Aiken Bluegrass Festival is a non-profit fund that annually throws a 2-day family-oriented event to raise money for local charities. They are now gearing up for their 15th year and yet another weekend of incredible music, food, vendors, family fun and camping. The festival has become one of the community's favorite local events, a must-see festival in the southeast and a popular destination for music lovers around the country. Recently the festival has received significant attention for the one-of-a-kind music collaborations that patrons can only see at the Aiken Bluegrass Festival.


Client Goals

Since January 2018 Kaleidoscopic has been involved with Aiken Bluegrass Festival's branding, digital advertising, social media graphics, merchandise design, stage scrim, design, credential design, web design/maintenance and venue mapping.

Where We Come In

To celebrate the festival's 15th annual festival, Kaleidoscopic worked hard to create banners and graphics that would vibe well with the festival as well as their featured bands.

What We Did

We were able to create a design for the festival to easily display on all posters/ social media pages that would focus simply on the typography that had a simple yet southern influence.

abf-text-01 2.png
What We Finalized

The artwork created for the festival would have a slight nod to the bluegrass music all while being easily identifiable on all poster designs.

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