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Martin Construction Group

Savannah, Georgia

Martin Construction Group Logo-01.png
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Who They Are

Martin Construction Group is a construction company based in Savannah, Georgia. Specializing in custom residential new construction, historic renovation, preservation, and commercial construction in the greater Savannah area. With over 25 years of industry experience they remain committed to creating timeless homes, business, and commercial spaces throughout the Low Country

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Client Goals

Owners, Capers Martin, was seeking a professional yet unique logo that focused on the "M" for Martin. He wanted to have a memorable brand that stood out amongst competitors. He wanted to have a memorable brand, that stood out amongst his competitors. Kaleidoscopic started there and designed their logo, business cards, signs, employee apparel, photographed previous work and job sites, and now is currently at work on the website for Martin Construction.  

Where We Come In

Considering Martin's needs, Kaleidoscope got to work designing and drawing up the "M" in a way that would make that an easily identifiable 

symbol with the company 

What We Did

Kaleidoscopic came up with a dynamic letterform surrounded by two contrasting colors that together would catch the eye and still have good readability from a distance.

What We Finalized

This trademark "M" was then easily transferred into a multitude of graphics on business cards, signs, employee apparel, and is showcased on the website for Martin Construction.

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