Papa Mountain Cheese Bread is a two-bite business: crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Made with cassava flour and fresh cheese, it's a farmer's take on traditional bread - without the wheat. Papa Mountain Artisanal Cheese Bread is cheesily addictive and naturally gluten-free. 

Papa Mountain came to Kaleidoscopic back in early 2017 with a big dream and a solid vision. He was fresh out of culinary school and ready to make a dent in the health cuisine market. One of the first things Kaleidoscopic did for Papa was design with a logo that really embodied the story behind their business: A growing, small-business that supports a beautiful little family of 3. Kaleidoscopic continued to produce Photography, Menus, Flyers, Product Packaging, and a Website. Papa Mountain began their journey by going to local weekend markets and since then have gotten their cheese bread at over 5 Natural Food Stores in Georgia. We are currently working on a new package design for the bread as well as their Cassava Flour to hit the shelves of Whole Foods and Earth Fare in 2019.

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