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Charleston, South Carolina


Who They Are

Robotrio is an experimental organ trio out of Charleston, South Carolina, and the brainchild of keyboardist Ross Bogan. Bogan, drummer Jonathan Peace, and guitarist Wallace Mullinax, all active musicians at home and on the road, started playing residencies together in the Charleston area in 2017. The group is also known for putting together eclectic Robotrio & Friends shows that included artists such as Ryan Stasic, Case Cranford and more


Client Goals

Robotrio were in the need for a multitude of things from the beginning of their musical career ranging from logos, merchandise, poster art, website, and even a beer label. They needed all of these to match their various influences that range from Jazz to Heavy Metal & Rock 'n' Roll.

Where We Come In

To begin with, Kaleidoscopic sketched out the iconic helmet that would be be utilized in a variety of ways and still be able to stand out as its own as their logo.

What We Did

The space man that we drew up for robotrio would be used for multiple poster arts and would also be seen on their website and band Merch.

What We Finalized

One of the finalized posters that we were able to create had a cool color scheme to match the band's vibe and identity.

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