ROBOTRIO is an experimental organ trio out of Charleston, South Carolina, and the brainchild of keyboardist Ross Bogan. Bogan, drummer Jonathan Peace, and guitarist Wallace Mullinax, all active musicians at home and on the road, started playing residencies together in the Charleston area in 2017. Drawing from their various influences ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal & Rock ‘n’ Roll, the trio consistently delivered fresh music each week while leaning heavily on their ability to improvise.

The group is also known for putting together some eclectic ROBOTRIO & FRIENDS shows including artists such as Ryan Stasik (Umphrey’s McGee), Casey Cranford (Big Something), DJ Logic, Kanika Moore (Doom Flamingo), Elise Testone, and more.

Kaleidoscopic began working with Robotrio soon after working with Doom Flamingo. The keys player for Doom Flamingo, Ross Bogan, is also the founder of the band Robotrio in Charleston, SC. Since the start, we've designed logos, merchandise, poster art, website, and a beer label for this incredibly talented band. 

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